Custom logo tie made by blue shine or the Leidsche Das?

Indian necktie manufacturer blue shine indicates that we make the best custom made neckties.

Did blue shine in India made this custom-made necktie with a logo?

Indian tie manufacturer must be impressed by the quality of our beautiful custom-made ties with a logo!

The above-shown screenshot of the homepage of the blue shine website was taken by us on 08/30/2019.

Apparently, the largest necktie manufacturer in India states by using one of the images of our custom-made ties that we make the best custom ties.

Maybe we should see it as a compliment that the tie manufacturer blue shine who on its own website indicates to be the largest necktie manufacturer of India, uses a picture from our website for their promotion as a leading tie manufacturer.

To be clear the shown custom-made tie on the website of blue shine was custom-made by us for one of our clients.

Custom Tie Image used by Blue Shine India without permission
The original image from our website

Blue shine or the Leidsche Das for your custom ties.

Are you looking for a necktie manufacturer who can make personalized ties in the desired design?

We design and manufacture custom-made neckties for companies and organizations. Neckties in a solid color or striped neckties in custom made design based on your wishes with a crest, logo or coat of arms.

If you would like to know about our prices for tailor-made ties then we would like to invite you to visit the following page. Pricing Custom Ties.

A few examples of tie designs we made for companies, (sports)clubs, and organizations to illustrate the possibilities for your personalized necktie design.

Take a look at the possibilities and maybe you will get inspiration for your own club ties, regimental ties, or personalized ties for your company.

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We are a Dutch company located in the historic city of Leiden in the Netherlands.

We design and manufacture custom woven neckties and bow ties in 100% silk and high-quality microfiber.

Custom ties for companies, regimental ties, school ties, college ties, custom ties for the hospitality industry, university ties, ties for organizations, (sports)club ties, fraternity ties, and ties for governments, and political parties.

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